Price (along with quality) is usually a defining aspect of any service offered to clients.

Whether it be professional cleaning or other, accurate pricing is essential in order to keep a given service within reach of its intended customers. At Monster Cleaning Dalston we are well aware of this, but since we don’t want to put you to sleep with all the inner workings and lingo of price forming, we will just say – our price is always right.

With us customers in London don’t have to worry about being overcharged or paying extra for things they don’t need. Our service pricing is fair and accurately reflects the specs of the job we have been hired to do. There are no hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges – what has been agreed (per quoted figures) is what’s paid, no tricks. If a quoted (and agreed) price needs to be amended we will never do so without informing customers first and receiving their formal consent. Our service pricing is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in market and industry this way we guarantee our customers are paying a fair price, and getting the most value for money.