At Monster Cleaning Dalston we are serious about providing our private and business customers in Greater London with best possible value for money, no matter how basic or elaborate their cleaning requirements. With us you don’t have to spend silly money to get the results and coverage you need, on the contrary – we ensure cost efficiency and affordability as well as comprehensive coverage. In order to save customers even more money on an already great price, we maintain a range of special deals and service promotions all listed on our website.

We run many weekly, monthly and seasonal specials applicable to all of our services.

Some of the specials we have available are permanent fixtures and can be take requested at any time by private and business customers alike. One of the best ways to save money is to use service packages or bundles – a combination of your preferred cleaning options will give you access to preferential pricing and special discounts, so pick and mix as you please. If you are unsure as to which is the best deal for you, or perhaps you need more information on preferential pricing options and special discounts we may be running at that time by all means speak to our customer consultants.

Our advisors are up to speed with all promotional deals and specials in store and will assist you with choosing and formatting the required services in such way as to give you thorough coverage and best possible pricing. Our specials, discounts and preferential pricing are subject to regular review, we are constantly developing and offering better deals so keep an eye for what’s coming up next. Our service bundles or packages are also open for customisation so you can pick and match the options you need without having to worry about unreasonable costs.