About Us

Monster Cleaning Dalston is an established service provider

with reputation which usually precedes us (something we are quite pleased about). We hold the bragging rights for being one of the best cleaning companies around because we have put in the hard work when and where it counted. We have proven to be reliable, efficient and very professional down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant aspect of our work.

The company began a few years ago, having been founded by a dedicated, tight-knit bunch of people who were (and still are) determine to make professional cleaning a viable and affordable option for households and businesses across the board. We made it our business to become exceptionally good at what we do – whether it be basic house clean-ups or comprehensive commercial cleaning, we excel in every type of cleaning. Consistency and quality of results have always been a crucial aspect of our business philosophy, our practices and procedure attest to our high ethics and commitment towards customers.

Through years of dedication and hard work we have been able to accumulate (and consequently apply) invaluable knowledge and expertise in a wide range of professional grade cleaning solutions. We know that we are only as good as the people we have working for us, therefore our cleaners have always been well trained, courteous and highly skilled in their respective fields of expertise. This truly shows our commitment toward consistency and quality. Our straightforward, transparent way of doing business sits well with customers – we keep things simple and efficient. Seamless booking procedure and convenient, hassle-free cleaning are just two of the many things we do better than other companies out there.

What we plan for the future is to continue to be a reliable and efficient partner to clients from all walks of life – our affordable, high quality solutions will continue to be accessible to all homes and businesses across London. Our strive for complete customer satisfaction will not cease, in fact we are currently working on more ways to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations without charging more money or making extra fuss. Enjoy quality services provided by Monster Cleaning Dalston at your own convenience, we are here for you seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. Dedication and commitment on our behalf will make all the difference so why not be part of a better service experience? Try us today!